Top 5! - Things I've Done That You (probably) Haven't (and that you might do this year)

Building on a meme I first picked up at Jay Lake's website, here are 5 things that I've done so far in life that perhaps you haven't. Have you? If so - share a comment! Think you might do it this year?

5 - Been in an environment above 125 degrees Fahrenheit.
John and I love Palm Springs in the summer, and two summers ago, during the middle of our summer week, the temperature at our hotel rose to 125. In the shade? Lovely...

4 - Attended a Spalding Gray live performance.
Sorely and deeply missed, Spalding Gray was a virtuoso storyteller and live performer. I was certain I was going to pass out from laughing when I saw his live performance of "Gray's Anatomy" in Columbus.

3 - Seen the complete "Ring Cycle" by Wagner.
John and I saw all four operas (Das Rheingold, Die Valkure, Siegried and Gotterdammerung) over a year while it was being performed by the Los Angeles opera.

2 - Eaten kangaroo.

1 - Climbed a glacier.
The Snæfellsjökull, while I was studying in Iceland in July, 1998. Fun! Only very slight risk of falling into a glacial rift and never been seen again.

Can't wait to hear what you've done that I probably haven't. Help give my year some structure, people!