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Coolness Factor 1000 - Parkour and Capoeira

From the endlessly fascinating and totally not like me but wouldn't it be cool if it were department, I present this film from our friends at Youtube. I could watch parkour videos for hours, because these guys do things that are totally mindblowing. I often think about life pathways - you know - I made this decision when I was 18 and it caused the life I live now - that sort of thing. I wonder if there is even one of my lifepaths that would have brought me to the point where I could do any of those moves. I've got the same fascination with capoeira. Where parkour is urban and edgy - a mash up of the 21st century city, movement and grit, capoeira is rich with history. I know you're never too old, but come on! I'm not throwing myself off a building...

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