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Mashup! Star Trek and Hollywood Squares...

One of these Star Trek actors is sitting in the secret square and the contestant who picks it first could win a trip to Raisa and 5 thousand bars of gold pressed latinum. Which Star Trek actor is it?

If only this were my idea, but like all good ideas, it's the product of many twisted minds working together, in this case, it was John, Sudro and me, a bit loopy after Strategicon, but nevertheless we had our wits about us. The discussion that brought us to this mashup passed through Match Game '75 on its way to its destination (the main question - given the personalities of the 6 different seats on Match Game, which Star Trek actor goes to which square? We'd only really agreed that Marina Sirtis goes into Bret Somers' seat. Otherwise, we were of mixed minds).

I can't wait to read your own twisted Star Trek / game show mashups, to honor Trek's 45th anniversary and the enduring brilliance of Paul Lynde, Charo and George Gobel.

So - the actors I put into the Hollywood Squares are...

 Next up - Match Game?


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