Top 5! - Things My Advisees Said I Should Do Now That I Have Earned My EdD

One of the best parts of working with young people is that they always come up with interesting ideas when they're posed a question. A month ago or so, when I was really and truly done with my doctorate, I said to them, "well, now what should I do." I meant it rhetorically, but they took a shine to it and the next day, they had a bunch of suggestions. Here are the top 5 (I'm leaving out 'breed exotic animals' and 'start a Rolls-Royce dealership' for being too organic and too unrealistic, respectively).

5 - Get a pilot's license.
I have no idea what this would cost, but it's an intriguing suggestion. My grandfather had one. I am always attracted to hobbies with ruinously expensive gear and a fierce learning curve. It would be nice to fly to Vegas, rather than drive, I must admit...

4 - Have a zero-g experience.
I have said for years now that the first orbital hotel will open before 2020. I intend to visit that hotel. Might just as well start training now...

3 - Go to Alaska.
Odd that this is the second Alaska references in as many Top 5! lists, but I think 2011 will be the year that I complete my inventory of the 50 states. I need Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota. Two flights and a single road tip LA to Seattle to Coeur d'Alene to Missoula to Minot and back will do the business.

2 - Work out.
What exactly are my students telling me? Something I've told myself for a long time...

1 - Adopt a baby.
Are we ready?

What do y'all think?