Top 5! - Places I Wish We Could Still Visit (But, Sadly, Can't)

As a traveler, I've always been fascinated with the out of the way and the off the wall. 60 miles to world famous date shakes? Done...

But these are places where it is no longer possible to visit, but I sure wish I could!

5 - East Germany.
I had an East German pen pal when I was a kid and I was endlessly fascinated by his descriptions of his life. Having visited a unified Berlin recently, it would have been interesting to see what life was like during the time of tension and how the East Germans tried to build a society. I wonder what all of that brutalist architecture looked like before westerners came in? And don't forget the Ampelmann!

4 - Greenwich, Massachusetts.
One of the five "Quabbin towns" well-known to local historians of Massachusetts, Greenwich is the only one largely below the water line.

3 - The Old Man of the Mountain.
All New Englanders mourned when the Old Man collapsed in 2003. An iconic image of the region.

2 - The Buddhas of Bamyan.
Yet another crime of the Taliban, the destruction of these priceless statues was a crime against human culture.

1 - Kowloon Walled City.
Torn down by the Chinese and British authorities in the early 1990s, the KWC was unlike any place on this Earth. I am sure I would have been overwhelmed, but I am fascinated by what this place was.