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Trying something sort of new here, building on these Top 5 things I've been doing. I'm an inveterate museum goer and blog reading is, in a way, similar to the experience of going to a museum, in that you never quite know what you're going to experience when you walk in the door. I hope The Daily Bricole is sort of like that - a bit of this, a bit of that and at least once, a bit of "what, what, what?!"

SAY: Your word of the day is welkin, from Old English welcn meaning "cloud." Welkin means "the vault of heaven" or "the sky" used literarily. World Wide Words has a nice discussion of the word and its connection to a famous Christmas carol. How all the welkin rings with the sound of angels!

DO: I do love The Minimalists and so should you. Cutting everything down to the this installment, minimalizing only those things you enjoy. Great advice!

READ: Aron Nels Steinke's graphic novel Neptune. A short read and a lot of fun, narrated by a grade-school age girl doing a little "who I am" to her new classmates and spinning a yarn about her cool dog, Neptune.

LEARN: From our friends at io9, 10 cool classes you can take right now for free!

WATCH: An excellent, recent TED talk from Lauren Zalaznick about the history of television and how that maps to cultural and social change.

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