Marvel Do Play Build Plan

What say you, friends?! The Daily Bricole hopes all is well and, ever so slightly, off-kilter.

MARVEL: I saw an extraordinary book at Diesel Books in Oakland this weekend. Moby-Dick In Pictures is an art project/literary event that should astonish. Matt Kish, the book's illustrator, has drawn lavish, detailed images based on each page of the 552-page Signet Classics edition of Melville's classic. 552 pieces of art in all kinds of different media. A level of commitment and work that should earn Kish many followers and  huge praise.

DO: The Art of Manliness (a fantastic blog you should be reading) offers these 10 ideas for excellent autumn season dates on which to take your partner, friend or, well, date. 

PLAY: Can't really get my brain around this one. Perhaps you crazy kids can tell me why Megamash is awesome? I know it is! Tell me why!

BUILD: Kids spend years of their lives (and faculty spend their entire careers) in some of the crappiest buildings ever erected by a civil society...yes, I'm talking about the architecture of American schools and the built environment of education. Often appalling, generally dispiriting, sometimes so bad as to be the single reason why teachers leave the profession (don't get me started - the data are there). And when we could build like this instead! Just look at this extraordinary school in Merced, California. More $$ please!

PLAN: I don't know that we need a revolution, but the last decade has certainly made clear that big, radical, transformative change is coming in one way or another. Read this article about peer-to-peer banking, and you'll see that in a democratic society, we still have lots and lots of power.